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An alternative natural and holistic approach to supporting your health and wellness. 

Private Consultations are available with Kathleen Parker, Clinical Herbalist by appointment. 

She will offer you an in-depth, maximal session focused on you, your overall health, symptoms, wants, and needs.

Your session will provide a recommended protocol, herbal support products, and supplements as well as, food and lifestyle guidance.

I combine aspects of western herbalism, and Ayurveda to my practice in order to best approach your unique and specific needs. Kathleen offers a personally tailored experience for every client.

Herbal Consultations by appointment only
Initial in person session 2 hours


Initial phone/video session 1-1.5 hours


Continued Care Plan can be customized to fit your needs, after initial consultation. Base pricing starts at 80/hour, no minimum requirement.

Contact Kathleen Parker, or via phone/text

(207) 408-1259

Please note, an intake form will be required before an appointment will be scheduled.